The Bowen Trap Gun
performance that speaks for itself.

Competition News

Congratulations, Jerry Mitchell! Jerry broke 98, 98, 96, 97 from the 27-yard line in the four Grand Week Handicap events his first time shooting with the Bowen Adjustable Rib.

The Bowen Trap Gun is NOW available with an adjustable rib. It was said
this performance-driven gun couldn't be improved, it was already
perfect in every way. Well, the Bruce Bowen & Co. staff took time to
discover a new definition of perfect and created one more way to make
your custom trap gun a truly perfect fit.

Congratulations, Ray McNiece, 99 x 100 Handicap, Amarillo!

Congratulations to Grand American shooters: Jerry Mitchell, Winner Perazzi Classic Handicap, Senior Vet, 98/100, 27 yd., shooting Bowen Adjustable Rib gun. KIrby Tanimura, 100 straight from the 27 yd. line, Parliament Coach Handicap.

Dusty Klein's wins at the Grand American:
Singles 898 x 900
Winner Jr. Class Singles Championship 3rd with 200 x 200
Broke 200 in the Clay Target event
Runner-up Jr. Class Debra Ohye Doubles 100 x 100
Winner Merchant Handicap Jr. Class 98 x 100
Finished the year with a 99.3% average in Singles and a 93% average in Handicaps with the Bowen Trap Gun.

Dusty Klein, Junior Shooter, took nine trophies during the Spring Grand in Tucson with his new custom Bowen Trap Gun. They are as follows:

Preliminary Singles w / 99
Beaudry RV SIngles w / 100
Yuma Doubles w / 99
Tucson Handicap Championship w / 97
Tucson Singles Class Championship w / 100
Spring Grand Singles Championship Junior Runnerup w / 148 x 150
Spring Grand Handicap Championship Junior w / 95
HAA Junior w / 337 x 350
HOA Junior w / 1018 x 1050
Congratulations Dusty!!


At Bruce Bowen & Company we make exceptional firearms, nothing else. Each gun is made of high grade steel alloys and a select set of American or English Walnut. The steel is machined to exact specifications, heat treated for maximum strength and durability, then remachined, fitted and polished to a fine luster. Our stocks and forends are CNC shaped and finished by hand from exquisite walnut. Each stock is custom fitted. The concentricity and straightness tolerance on our barrels ensure consistent performance. Our shotguns are designed to win the race, and the success of the customer’s shooting experience is of utmost importance to the Bruce Bowen team.

With the Bowen Trap Gun, the serious competitor will possess a shotgun of unfaltering performance and appeal that simply “speaks for itself.”

Go to Specifications to see standard and upgrade options for your custom trap gun or find our list of current guns in inventory, ready for shipment at Guns for Sale.

NEWS: Congratulations to these Bowen shooters on their selection to the 2006 ATA All - American Teams.

  • Barry Kemper Men's Second Team
  • Dusty Klein Junior First Team
  • Jerald Mitchell Veteran First Team
  • B.E. Morrissey Senior Veteran First Team
  • James Mitchell Senior Veteran First Team

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